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Fraud Risk Management

We assist organisations to identify, analyse, manage and/or exploit risks and to develop appropriate risk strategies and response plans. Our approach puts risk management at the heart of business strategy.

Corporate Intelligence

We utilize our networks to conduct comprehensive integrity due diligence, background checks and screening of potential employees, third parties and business partners that empowers our clients to make informed choices.

Integrity & ABAC Compliance Programs

We design, set-up, and implement anti-bribery and corruption (ABAC) compliance programs taking into consideration the complex and unique laws across multiple jurisdictions around the world that our clients have to comply with.

Fraud Monitoring & Assurance

We develop automated early warning systems and controls to detect suspicious activities and monitor trends in a way that ensures effective diagnosis,proper root causing, timely response and re-mediation from risks, threats and incidences.

Cybersecurity & Forensic Technology

We conduct IT audits and cyber security engagements to identify vulnerabilities in systems, possible breaches and perpetrators. We utilize advanced forensic technology to image and analyze computers and mobile devices

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